Post-Factual Politics

We are lead to believe that we are currently living in a ‘post-factual’ political society, given what people now vote for this we can easily believe this premise.  Where is the lively discourse and a well informed public, as without a well informed public, surely there can be no such thing as democracy? Read More »


Refugees, Immigrants and Morality

There has been much has been written on refugees and immigrants, much of it invective, this limits discussion and rationality. Thinking about this I was debating post-structuralist ideas and thought about how do we take people outside their comfort zone of normal narrative and force them to think in a new way,Read More »

The Basics: Human Nature and Perfect People

When discussing anarchism with people, there are two statements that are supposed to kill your political thinking dead. They are ‘You ain’t thought about human nature, mate’ and ‘Your views require people to be perfect’. Both of these have been thought about and it’s very easy to retort to these questions, the problem is getting people to realise your arguments are good.Read More »

Scotland: A New Way (an introduction)

The independence movements in various parts of Europe at the minute show us that quite simply people have had enough of  centralised power. It does not work for them, it leaves them behest to a state that they feel does not represent them.

The problem though is that if even all these places gained independence, there would still be groups that were disenfranchised and felt the weight of the state upon their shoulders. If Scotland became independent would the people of Glasgow feel the people of Edinburgh understood them, would they feel that one city ruled for the benefit of one city and not for the other? What then is needed is not the replacement of a state by a smaller (possibly more representative) state but by a new system, a chance for the people to become truly free.

We have been led over time to believe that to be free we must be part of some Westphalian state but all this ever amounts to is the theft of a person’s true liberty. We have been conditioned to accept the state and not the other way round. We are trapped here by three concepts that keep us under control and in place for societies’ ‘gain’.

These three concepts are religion (both traditional and now sports teams, TV programmes), property and governement. Religion shows us that we ourselves are useless but we can bask in the glory of god(s), football players, celebrities. Property is a fundemental need but we are made to beg for it, slave for it, to further our subservience. The government is our final nail in the coffin of our liberty, they can take our ‘freedom’ if we break their conventions.

The government requires a quick look at, more than the other two as they are easier to see, but the state obfuscates it’s role in the removal of our liberty. The other two I will come back to as I expand on the issues in later posts.

The government simply steals our liberty. We can not truly be ourselves or the state may lock us away if we break their conventions. If I vandalise property I can be locked away by the state, as they try to make sure property is immutable. This allows us to ‘worship’ property, the government then uses the removal of this property as a way to curtail our liberty.The government uses property as a false god to keep us faithful to the state.

We are expected to give adoration to the state but the state does not truly care about its peoples. How can it when it systematically removes the ‘dreams’ of its citizens. When it allows its own populace to become homeless, removes the basics of life from them leaving them destitute, the streets I walk in Glasgow are becoming more full of these people abandoned by the British government. How can a state have a pretence of care when it’s own citizens are sleeping on the pavements and begging for food? I am still expected to give loyalty to a state that allows its citizens to suffer so, if I am not loyal I must at least remain subservient to a state in case it removes the few things it allows me to have.

As Max Stirner says ‘a state exists even without my co-operation; I am born in it, brought up in it, under obligation to it, and must do it homage. It takes me into its favour, and I live by its grace’. If Scotland became independent , why would I want a state apparatus to carry on (in an smaller scale) and allow my fellow man to subjugate themselves to just another state. The population has a chance to remove the shackles that have long kept the population at bay. The causes that have been championed by left, the groups that are clamouring for Scottish independence, show that the time is right for a re-think of society. Was it not Einstein who said ‘insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ The ground will be fresh if Scotland claims independence, it will be the best time to start and re-structure a country from the ground up, especially as we will be dis-mantling the UK state apparatus at that time. Why try and achieve one big step at once (a wholesale change of a big countries politics, changing a small country that is sympathetic to the left), when we have a chance to move society to a new version in a few smaller steps with the groundwork being done by a majority of the population, who will be sympathetic at this time to a new order, the order of anarchism.

The general population fear uncertainty, yet by voting independence the general population will be showing that they are willing to face a period of uncertainty. This then is the time to convert a country to anarchism, the population will be more  susceptible to ‘radical’ ideas. By leading one country down the path, we can show the way to other peoples that they to can rid themselves of the oppression of the state. This way we can change the world in a peaceful non-violent way.